National Skate Patrol
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Certification Requirements For Membership in the NSP

To become a member of the National Skate Patrol, (NSP) you must first be certified by your NSP Chapter director or other authorized representative of the NSP. The certification process involves the following: 1. Demonstrating a basic set of skating skills which include: skating backwards cross overs forward - backward transitions tee stops and at least one alternate form of stopping minimum speed and endurance as required by the Chapter Director 2. Teaching beginning skaters: how to wear skates and protective gear properly how to STOP correctly (click here for a great tutorial by Kim Moser) how to skate Safe, Legal, Alert, and Polite (SLAP) 3. Review material in the Training Section: NSP Certification Program video City Street Skate 101 video NSP Training and Certification manual 4.  Passing a final written and/or interactive exam with a score of 80 or above. Click here for the NSP Certification Test.