National Skate Patrol
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Since 1992, National Skate Patrol has been guiding safe skating events.


National Skate Patrol, Inc. (NSP)

NSP was developed in 1992 by the New York Road Skaters Association (NYRSA) and International Inline Skating Association (IISA). We are a network of proficient volunteers who help skaters to better coexist with motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other street and trail users. As an NSP patroller, you may find yourself assisting with street skating events, conducting free braking clinics, or offering tips on skate etiquette for new and experienced skaters alike. Because we are active participants in our local communities, NSP volunteers are often involved with other sporting groups, special events, and community organizations. NSP currently has chapters in several major US cities. Joining NSP identifies you as a certified NSP patroller. To join, contact us through the information on the Contact page, or through our Meetup group. Registration occurs annually in the NSP Meetup group. To complete the annual registration process, you must (1) RSVP to the registration event each year, (2) answer the RSVP questions and (3) pay your annual dues as outlined in the event. NSP welcomes new members. We would like to hear from you. Please contact us by clicking here.

NSP in Action

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